Art Collection at
Hotel Eastlund

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Portland Art Consultants Install Art From Around The World at Hotel Eastlund

Portland, OR – The most recent Studio Art Direct email newsletter reveals the remarkable art collection at Hotel Eastlund, installed by Studio Art Direct’s designers. Here is a detailed description by Studio Art Direct president Janelle Baglien:

We just finished the art collection for the new Hotel Eastlund in Portland, Oregon. The hotel opens in late May 2015. The artwork is as distinctive as the boutique hotel’s design and I think will be one of the best in the city.

Typically, we hire only regional NW artists, but for this project, we commissioned artists from around the world including London, Australia and San Francisco. For the lobby, the famous London photographer Terry O’Neill provided us with his iconic 1960’s image of Brigitte Bardot. We printed her with frit on a 10′ x 15′ glass panel which floats in the lobby like a transparent wall. Bardot sets the tone for the hotel- beautiful and a bit naughty.

In the hotel rooms, we commissioned one of the world’s newest sensations, Loui Jover of Australia, to paint graffiti-like words and thoughts about Portland against the soulful face of women for several art in architecture installations, including another floating glass panel in the lobby and custom fabricated fabric headboards.

In the hotel rooms, you will also find custom commissioned abstracted gesture drawings of nudes done in charcoal and acrylic by San Francisco artist Badri Valian.

The number of artworks is relatively spare for a 168 room upscale boutique hotel, but where art does punctuate a space, it packs a punch and makes a statement. Nothing is off the shelf. Everything is custom-commissioned specifically for the hotel and fabricated right here in Portland, OR.

From Studio Art Direct ● April 14, 2015 ● By Janelle Baglien