Eat & Drink in PDX

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You may have to put your new diet on hold if you’re visiting Portland, OR. The city’s diverse array of eating and drinking options- from culinary masterpieces to casual cuisine- has created such a buzz that bloggers can’t stop fawning over dining in PDX.

Check out our recent blog about the #1 Food City in America (per the Washington Post) or the Eater review of Portland’s Global Feast, which ponders “why diversity is the key to the city’s unstoppable dining scene.”

January is IPA month at the Hophouses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a hoppy brew all year round. Oregon is the cradle of micro-brew in the Northwest, featuring some of the oldest and most revered craft beers in the land.

Maybe beer’s not your thing? A recent article on Thrillist named nearby Bit House Saloon one of the Best New Bars in America 2015 for its classic cocktails with a twist.

As the finest boutique hotel on downtown Portland’s Eastside, Hotel Eastlund is particularly proud that Thrillist notes, “Portland’s Eastside Industrial district, in the past few years, has blossomed into one of the best drinking neighborhoods in one of America’s best drinking cities, with great cocktail and beer bars popping up seemingly weekly.”

Stay at Hotel Eastlund to start the new year and explore Unique Dining in Portland, including our own rooftop restaurant Altabira City Tavern, where you will find sweeping views of the skyline, fresh American cuisine, and 16 local beers on tap. Happy New Year!